This spectacular marvel of nature is a true oasis for wildlife and flora.

Botswana is a unique, rich and beautiful ecosystem governed by two distinct seasons, awarding Botswana with arguably the best game viewing on the continent.

Botswana safari is at the forefront of Africa’s conservation tradition with around forty percent of the country’s land fiercely protected by the state. This combined with the highly successful and respected format of ‘low density eco-tourism’ ensures game and wilderness experiences of the highest quality.

The Kalahari Desert and the Makgadikgadi salt pans of botswana are famous for the comic meerkats and the Chobe reserve plays host to the largest concentrations of elephants in the world. In addition the friendly and hospitable people, stable economy and low crime in botswana ads to the appeal of this land-locked country about the size of Madagascar.

Fast facts - Bostswana Safari

  • Botswana capital is Gaborone
  • Botswana local bushmen still lives traditionally in the Kalahari desert
  • Botswana rain water that fills the Delta comes from the Angolan highlands to the North
  • In the !Xoo language of Botswana and Namibia, spoken by about 4,000 people, there are 112 distinct sounds
  • Botswana is the best country for viewing meerkats, no other country has so many of them

Botswana safari Holidays