Seen on a map this is a long and narrow sliver of land on the edge of the continent - 4300km in length and an average width of just 180km.

In the north, the Atacama Desert mesmerizes with the world's highest geyser field and in the salt flats are blue water lagoons strewn with pink-puffed flamingos. Vibrant beaches, first-rate vineyards, and bustling cities like Santiago and Valparaíso make it easy to ‘live it up’ like a local in central Chile. Head South to Patagonia where sporty types revel in outdoor pursuits, from climbing snow-capped volcanoes to trekking through the rugged Torres del Paine National Park.

This is a place of extremes, reflected both in its friendly people and its brilliant variety of fresh produce. Alpaca herders of the altiplano seems so far removed from the chic inhabitants of bustling Santiago. Chile is perhaps most famous in recent decades for excellent wines, but above all, it is the remote and starkly beautiful landscapes that most visitors remember. If you’re looking to escape the crowds this is it, much of Chile is made up of largely unpopulated wilderness – places where you can be days, not mere hours, from a town or a road.


  • Santiago and Valparaiso
  • The Wine country
  • Atacama Desert
  • Puerto Varas and the Osorno Volcano
  • Torres del Paine glaciers
  • Easter Island and the Moai statues