From the majesty of Mount Kenya to the sultry white beaches of the Swahili coast...

the rugged scenery of the Rift Valley - Kenya’s landscapes appear dreamlike, as though conjured from sheer fantasy by a wizard. In the Laikipia district deep in the heart of Kenya, cattle ranchers and tribal elders work side by side, united by a passion to preserve Africa’s wildlife.

The stuff of legends -the Masai Mara, home to proud lion, elusive leopard and the unmistakably bulky silhouette of the elephant is where vast herds of antelope stretch as far as the eye can see and birds of every feather congregate in impressive quantities. This is also the land of the striking Maasai - custodians of an ancient and noble culture.

Numerous reserves with their stylish tented camps set the backdrop where the local hosts eagerly await to welcome you. From Lake Victoria to the Central Highlands, this land is home to varied ecosystems and after you’ve swept the amber dust from your eyes on safari, you can head for the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and wild, pristine coastline to relax... or perhaps go explore the historic island of Lamu.

Best bits

  • Kenya shares Lake Victoria, the world's second largest fresh water lake, with Tanzania and Uganda
  • Swahili (language widely spoken) means ‘coastal dwellers’ in Arabic
  • Locals usually drink their beer hot or at room temperature
  • Kenyan environmentalist Professor Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and she was the first African woman to do so
  • The Maasai Mara migration is the largest terrestrial migration by mammals in the world