Laid-back and adventurous all at the same time with an energetic and interesting culture, Mozambique Holidays is the ultimate beach location in Africa.

Think palm trees, untouched coral reefs and miles and miles of white sand on little island scattered in turquoise – it has been compared to the Maldives and we can see why.

There are two main areas which are superb in terms of the island experience and afford relative ease in terms of travel. The Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos in the North are each a collection of small, sublime islands dotted around the ocean like drops from heaven.

The Portuguese influence is very evident in the language, architecture and food. A volatile history and civil war not so long ago has crippled the country’s economy, however the absolute beauty of the ocean scenery and remoteness has drawn people from around the globe and we can’t get enough of it either. This place is paradise for sun seekers, honeymooners and beach lovers alike... Don’t forget those who love seafood... lobster and crayfish of often on the menu.

Fast facts

  • The Southern tip borders the Kruger National Park of South Africa
  • The Niassa Reserve in the North has healthy animal populations including elephant and wild dog
  • The Quirimbas Archipelago has 12 larger and 20 smaller islands
  • The official language is Portuguese
  • Ibo Island is a World Heritage Site and the most interesting place to visit

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