The rewards of travelling in Zambia are those of exploring remote, mesmerising wilderness full of an astonishing range of wildlife.

Where in one day you can canoe down a wide, placid river and the next raft through raging rapids near the spray of the Victoria Falls.

Though landlocked, three great rivers, the Kafue, the Luangwa and the Zambezi, flow through Zambia, defining both its geography and the rhythms of life for many of its people. For the independent traveller, Zambia can be a logistical challenge, because of its sheer size and limited travel options. For those fortunate few who do venture here, the lack of crowds and remoteness means an even more satisfying journey.

Kafue National Park, North and South Luangwa, the lower Zambezi and Victoria Falls are extremely different in geography and flora which makes for a superb safari circuit and good variety of experiences to suit every individual.

Fast facts

  • Zambia’s biggest export is copper
  • The country was made famous by the Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone
  • This is the birthplace of the walking safari
  • The national bird, the Fish Eagle, features on its flag
  • Shares a border with Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, the DRC and Angola